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IMAT 2020 Result Comparison: High and Low - IMATonline.org. IMAT 2020 results are analyzed here. Minimum scores, average scores, and number of accepted EU and non-EU students are presented in different plots and explanations. Skip to content 24th september 2020: anonymous results. 2th october 2020: results publication on www.universitaly.it (reserved area) 7th october 2020: ranking publication. Admission test for the degree course. Here is the published version of the IMAT question paper. Note

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Minimum IMAT 2020 scores: The University of Pavia EU - (54.5 - 2020) Non EU - (41.8 - 2020) The University of Tor Vergata. EU - (52.9 - 2020) Non EU - (34 - 2020) The University of Roma La Sapienza. EU - (53.7 - 2020) Non EU - (42.3 - 2020) The University of Torino. EU - (53.4 - 2020) Non EU - (44 - 2020) The University of Milan, IMS. EU - (57.8 - 2020 REGISTRATION: 1st July - 23rd July 2020. TEST DAY: 10th September 2020. RESULTS PUBLICATION: 24 September: The anonymous rankings are published by barcode reference on accessoprogrammato.miur.it. 2 October: Candidates' scores, Answer Sheets and Data Sheet are released on universitaly.it The school always is failing to tell important information to students, then blame students for not knowing. They do not answer to emails. 2, the class schedule is possible to change up to five minutes ahead of the start of the class Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing is working in conjunction with the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) to develop and deliver the International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT). IMAT is a 100 minute subject-specific admissions test in English for applicants to medicine and surgery and dentistry courses. These courses are taught in English, with places open to both home and international students According to the IMAT test 2020 decree, if two candidates score equally, the single scores for the different test sections will be calculated: the one who has scored higher in the General knowledge and Logical reasoning part will be ranked higher; if this score is the same, they will look at biology. If also the two biology scores are the same, then chemistry will count more, then mathematics and physics at last

IMAT 2020 Result Comparison: High and Low - IMATonline

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2020 List of Impact Wrestling results. The following is a list of all the episodes of Impact Wrestling that took place in 2020 25/09/2020. More than 7800 students took IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) to access medical courses taught in English language in Italy. The session took place simultaneously in 30 cities across the globe on the 10 September 2020. Italian medical schools are highly regarded and as a result an increasing number of international students apply to study at an Italian institution MAT Results validity and past trends As per the past trends, MAT Results 2020 will award maximum 800 score in scaled form. MAT results 2021 and MAT exam scores are valid for 1 year from the date of MAT result declaration for admission to MBA/PGDM programmes in the MBA colleges accepting MAT scores

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Preparation for health sciences admission tests 2020 (in Italian only) organised by COR: click here. Good luck! When will I know the result of IMAT? Usually after 30 days from the date of the test the results are out; you can check the score in the reserved area on Universitaly.it. ————————————————— Read more imat ON AIR From waste to value - new machines for old textiles mit Trützschler Spinning. Company. 19.03.21 imat-uve at the OE Conference at the University of Kassel Read more 23. Konferenz Odour and Emissions of Plastic Materials Company. 16.03.21 imat-uve at Dornbirn GFC-ASIA Read more Textile Innovationen beim 1. Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress ASIA. Company. 12.03.21 A2LA. Important information about IMAT 2020. If you have registered for IMAT and are not able to attend the test due to travel restrictions or visa issues, you have the option to cancel the test and get a full or partial refund up until 9 September 2020. For more information, please read our Support Site article. IMAT Covid-19: Guidance for candidates 2020 Every day, our software processes tens of millions of records to help 30,000 healthcare professionals working for 2,000 Health Information Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes, hospitals and clinics to provide the best possible healthcare to almost 20 million patients. January 28, 2020 Frontón México: January 4, 2020 iMPACT! Testing. Get live polls and voting maps by.

IMAT 2020 REGISTRATION AND TEST DATES. IMAT 2020. Also, those universities with lower threshold scores of non-EU have witnessed gradually increasing tendency for the last 5 years, approximately. iMAT iOS is all about iOS, MacOs, Jailbreak and Hackintosh. If you have registered for IMAT and are not able to attend the test due to travel restrictions or visa issues, you have the. In Biology, I got 3 questions right just because of the marathon. January 4, 2020 iMPACT! Every day, our software processes tens of millions of records to help 30,000 healthcare professionals working for 2,000 Health Information Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes, hospitals and clinics to provide the best possible healthcare to almost 20 million patients. Last Updated. 2020. van Vancouver Apr 4-5 2020. ldn London May 16-17 2020. ny New York Sep 1-30 2020 The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show, or IMATS, is the world's largest celebration of make-up artistry. MAT Results validity and past trends As per the past trends, MAT Results 2020 will award maximum 800 score in scaled form. Ya me too signed in to university Italy and all I found was the anonymous. 2020 IMAT EXAM. I MAT 2020 TEST. Test your result in the 20120 IMAT exam and calculate your score. The test is automatically marked according to the exam marking scheme. TRY IT NOW. Home. Calendar. ONLINE PREPARATION. We offer tailored online preparatory courses and Practice Tests for the International Medical Admissions Test. ONLINE COURSES . IMAT Online; IMAT Practice Tests; Past Papers. With results published this week and an entire year ahead of us, those who wish to improve their scores for the next year would do well to start preparing now. With a year's time it is possible to cover huge amounts of general knowledge in ways that don't involve memorizing thousands of flashcards for a trivia game night. In fact, learning general knowledge for the IMAT can be a fun and.

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  1. ute to create a free accountfor yourself on this site. 2020 IMAT EXAM. IMAT 2020
  2. imum scores to apply to each university. Ari Horesh March 18, 2021. 2 Comments. Responses. Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website. Save my name, email, and website in this.
  3. Each oral presentation will be evaluated and scored for originality, experimental and research results and presentation style. Submission: Students will follow guidelines for IMAT 2020 technical program abstract submission. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 19, 2020, 11:59 PM Eastern. Submit Your Abstract Today! Finalist: All semi-finalists will be required to present onsite in Cleveland, Ohio. The.
  4. From the 1st of July, 2021**: Online pre-enrollment for IMAT on www.universitaly.it. Please note that you cannot enroll in the IMAT until the enrollment is officially announced. It is not open the whole year. For A.Y. 2021-22 enrollments deadline is the 23th of July 2021 (h. 15.00 italian time)**
  5. Toggle navigation. Home; About; Membership; Communities; Events; Education; Digital Content; About. About; ASM Milestones. Governance. Strategic Pla
  6. per 28 slices. In particular, in elderly subjects, it includes a large amount of adipose tissue.

IMAT, which stands for International Medical Admissions Test, is the only official exam you will need to pass on your way to studying medicine in English in Italy. The IMAT test is held in English and contains 60 questions (with 5 possible answers) of which: 12 on General knowledge, 10 Logical reasoning, 18 Biology, 12 Chemistry, 8 Physics + Maths. The exam takes 100 minutes. Every right. Via 8 Febbraio, 2 - 35122 Padova Switchboard: +39 049 827 5111 Call Centre: +39 049 827 3131 . Certified mail: amministrazione.centrale@pec.unipd.it; Email: urp@unipd.i Every day, our software processes tens of millions of records to help 30,000 healthcare professionals working for 2,000 Health Information Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes, hospitals and clinics to provide the best possible healthcare to almost 20 million patients. January 28, 2020 Frontón México: January 4, 2020 iMPACT! Testing. Get live polls and voting maps by.

Successful applicants will receive a Notification of Acceptance to the IMAT program. To confirm their enrolment, applicants must pay the semester fee (also called university registration fee). The semester fee is non-refundable. Failure in paying the semester fee by the deadline will result in a revoke of the applicant´s acceptance. The amount. Step 1: Visit the official website of MAT aimamat.ac.in Step 2: On Homepage, click MAT 2020 Result tab Step 3: Login using Registration/Application number. Roll number and Exam appearing month. Step 4: Go to the Submit Option provided Step 5: MAT 2020 scorecard of the candidate will be. Insulin resistance and accumulation of visceral adipose tissue (VAT) and intermuscular adipose tissue (IMAT) place aging adults with obesity at high risk of cardio-metabolic disease. A very low carbohydrate diet (VLCD) may be a means of promoting fat loss from the visceral cavity and skeletal muscle, without compromising lean mass, and improve insulin sensitivity in aging adults with obesity CONVOCATORIA DE BECAS DE COLABORACIÓN DO MINISTERIO 2019-2020. O prazo de entrega no IMAT remata o día 11 ás 10:00. PREMIOS DA FUNDACIÓN REAL ACADEMIA DE CIENCIAS Ó TALENTO CIENTÍFICO FEMININO MOZO. A Fundación Real Academia de Ciencias de España (FRACE) e Mastercard crean os premios da Fundación Real Academia de Ciencias ó talento científico feminino mozo. Este recoñecemento ao t We are glad to invite you to The 9th International Conference on Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (iMat2020), which is going to be held from 10 Nov. to 11 Nov. 2020. This event will be an excellent opportunity for research scholars, delegates and students to interact and share their experience and cutting-edge knowledge in the fields of Material Science and Engineering and Mining.

2020 Aug;10(8):1590-1601. doi: 10.21037/qims-19-835. Results: The mean CSA IMAT of 20-29 years group (n=69) and 70-79 years group (n=25) were 3.00 cm 2 and 11.06 cm 2, respectively. While the mean CSA muscle of 20-29 years group was 38.46 cm 2 and 70-79 years group was 30.86 cm 2. The mean IMAT% difference between 20-29 years group and 70-79 years group was -18.55%. Strong, positive non. The cold neutron imaging and diffraction instrument IMAT, at the second target station of the pulsed neutron and muon source ISIS, is used to investigate bulk mosaicity within as-cast single. Lectures Academic Year 2020/2021; Simulation Center. Simulation Center. A Simulation Lab of 2,000 square metres, one of the largest and most technologically advanced in Europe, integrated with the Humanitas Campus. Simulation Center; Anatomy Lab; The CUBE; Home / Course / Medicine / Admissions. Admissions. On this page, you will find the key steps on how to complete the online enrolment. period rtng gms rapid rtng rapid gms blitz rtng blitz gms; 2021-may : 2154 : 0 : 2156 : 0 : 2021-apr : 2154 : 0 : 2156 : 0 : 2021-mar : 2154 : 0 : 2156 :

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Emirates Reports Fiscal Year Results, Looks to Late 2021 for Recovery. The Emirates Group — the Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based, state-owned international aviation company — released 2019-2020 financial results on May 10. According to the annual report released Sunday, which covers the period from April 1, 2019, to March 31, the group reported a profit of $456 million, which is a. The International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT), is an aptitude test used as part of the admissions process for some Italian universities. These universities offer undergraduate courses that are taught in English and open to applicants outside of Italy. The test has sometimes been incorrectly referred to as the 'Italian Medical Admissions Test' IMAT Unified Health Records brings together all patient encounters for view within a single user interface, presenting deep, comprehensive insights into the longitudinal care of patients. With access to the most comprehensive data available, IMAT Unified Health Records enables more accurate and timely diagnosis, more effective treatment, and improved outcomes for the patient

IMAT is a new, disruptive technology for the field of medical data management and decision support, developed to address the need-for-speed when returning results derived from complex searches across large record stores. Our product design isn't relational. It isn't based on an early- or late-binding approach. It is a unique architecture, offering a flexible, non-rigid, pattern-based. imats shop; about imats; contact; search for: 2021 virtual admin 2021-04-19t14:32:58-07:00. loading... vir. virtual. live - apr 16-18, 2021 replay - apr 19 - 25, 2021. pro card tickets. general admission. while the live show is now over the beautiful thing about virtual shows is the ability to capture all the content in one place. never before can you now watch all the amazing education.

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MAT 2020 Result for December exam has been declared. The exam is conducted by All India Management Association four times in the year.MAT is a national level entrance examination which is conducted to offer admission in various management courses - MBA and PGDMA courses. This entrance test is conducted in four sessions in the month of February, May, September and December results h IMAT+Signal provides tools for the signal processing engineer h spFRF GUI for processing time-domain signals to the frequency domain h RTK GUI for processing order-tracked data from rotating equipment using Vold-Kalman filtering h spVIEW GUI for comparing multiple measurement datasets h Command-line functions for calculating power and cross-spectral densities, frequency response. Test your result in the 2020 IMAT exam and calculate your score. The test is automatically marked according to the exam marking scheme. See All. Photos. See All. Videos. IMAT . 5. 2. See All. See More.

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  1. IMAT+FEA provides a powerful FEM, result, and coordinate trace visualization capability that utilizes the Visualization Toolkit developed by Kitware, Inc. This allows you to display very large datasets (greater than 1 million nodes) and visualize results on a deformed mesh with advanced visualization capabilities such as selective entity display (by element type, material, physical property,
  2. 4.IMAT test day. IMAT test date for 2020/21 admission: Thursday, 10 September 2020. If you chose to sit the test in Bologna, please refer to the call for applications for details about the test venue, access rules, etc. If you chose to sit the test outside of Italy in one of the authorised IMAT venues, please contact your chosen test venue for directions, access rules, etc. You may refer to.
  3. 13.JUN.2020; 05:00 | V1.0 . 2020 IMAT/IfaS. Writing Your Research : guidelines for a quality synthesis A research proposal intends to present an idea or a question and its expected outcomes with clarity and in definite terms (known as the what? ). It also should justify the reason(s) to pursue, the significance, and the value-added to the scientific domain/discipline as a result (known.
  4. International Materials Applications & Technologies Conference and Exposition - IMAT General Instructions: No names or titles should be included in the abstract text. Names will be automatically hidden during the abstract review process and will be automatically inserted and properly formatted upon publication. Presenting authors will be automatically informed of the unique ID numbers and.
  5. g diffraction capabilities in IMAT will complement the imaging by revealing if any of the deposits have crystallised, and identifying their chemical composition. These results mean that we can now quantify where and when coking occurs within engines - even looking at the same component before, during, and after an engine test, and identify how this.
  6. As a result of our high teaching standards coupled with the external funds we acquired, we have gradually created an exciting and stable working environment. This ensures a maximum of freedom for each staff and student member, supporting them to acquire and deepen their subject area knowledge with international standards
  7. Intramuscular adipose tissue (IMAT), or the amount of adipose tissue within the fascia of a muscle, increases with age and inactivity (Addison et al., 2014a; Correa-de-Araujo et al., 2020), and is an important factor influencing muscle function and quality (Addison et al., 2014a; Biltz et al., 2020)

View the profiles of people named Imat Imats. Join Facebook to connect with Imat Imats and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share.. Fluor Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Results. 23.02.21: Phase One of Fluor-Led Port Access Road Opens to Traffic in Charleston, South Carolina . 29.01.21: Fluor legt neue strategische. starting from 10th March 2021 - for open access degree programmes (application period: 2nd November 2020 - 2nd February 2021); starting from 8th April 2021 - for limited access degree programmes (application period: 7th January - 7th March 2021); after the publication of the IMAT test results - for the single-cycle degree in Medicine and. 10 Nov 2020 No combines their work on IMAT with X-ray imaging to quantify the lithium remaining in the anode during discharge of a LS 14250 ½ AA sized commercial Li /SOCl 2 battery cell designed for low-rate applications such as backup batteries in computers or alarm systems. Thanks to the use of a 'golden-ratio' scanning method, Ralf and his collaborators were able to collect a sequence.

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Important information about IMAT 2020. If you have registered for IMAT and are not able to attend the test due to travel restrictions or visa issues, you have the option to cancel the test and get a full or partial refund up until 9 September 2020.. For more information, please read our Support Site article.. IMAT Covid-19: Guidance for. Stellite 6 (cobalt-based alloy) is the benchmark hardfacing. However, the latest results tend to indicate that it is not suitable above 600°C. An alternative hardfacing will be required for Advanced Ultra-Supercritical steam generators. New Ni- and Co- based alloys are being developed. Their chemistry, which accounts for their excellent dry. Final Result Notification; Overseas Applicants Domestic/ Internal Applicants; IMAT Application 1: : : November 18, 2020 (Wed) January 18, 2021 (Mon) IMAT Application 2: : : February 24, 2021 (Wed) April 5, 2021 (Mon) IMAT Application 3: : : March 31, 2021 (Wed) May 17, 2021 (Mon) IMAT Application 4: : ×: April 14, 2021 (Wed) IMAT Application 5: ×: : June 2, 2021 (Wed) July 12, 2021 (Mon. IMAT; UCAT Camillus; NEWS; ABOUT; Get a Consultation; Study Medicine in Italy in English Discover the most prestigious universities and apply to the English Medicine and Surgery courses in Italy UNIVERSITIES ADMISSION TESTS Home Italy, Medical Schools 2020-01-07T22:49:29+00:00. Universities Offering Medical Education in English. University of Pavia. Unicamillus Medical School. University of. 2020 Jun;11(3):663-677. doi: 10.1002/jcsm.12543. Epub 2020 Feb 24. (HU)] and intermuscular adipose tissue (IMAT) by computed tomography scans of the quadriceps femoris. Muscle biopsies from the vastus lateralis were obtained to investigate changes in intramyocellular lipids and single-fibre specific tension. Results: In ST, knee extension 1RM and MVC improved by 17 and 7%, respectively.

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Intramuscular adipose tissue (IMAT) and the mid-thigh cross-sectional area (CSA) of muscle were obtained by MRI, and the IMAT-to-CSA ratio was calculated to evaluate intramuscular adiposity. Results Overall, 62 participants (mean age: 71.1±3.8 years, 69.4% female) completed the study (HP-HMB group: 29, control group: 33) and comparisons of baseline characteristics between groups were not. Results: Among 2994 participants who were included (mean age, 69 years 9 [standard deviation]; 1551 women), 265 had COPD (9%; mean age, 72 years 9; 162 men) and 49 participants with COPD (18%) died during follow-up. The SAT, IMAT, and PM areas had moderate-to-excellent reliabilities (intraclass correlation coefficient, 0.88-0.99). In the 2994. Results and Presentations. Notice of results and current trading 6 May 2020. Current trading and Covid-19 update 25 March 2020. Proposed closure of Cycle Republic 16 March 2020. View all Reports and Presentations. Five Year Record. View Five Year Record. Share Information. 380.40GBX. Change: -9.20 (-2.36%) Data delayed at least 15 minutes. Halfords Group (LSE) trade on the LSE. (Symbol: HFD. The MAT results are sent directly to Durham University and the University of Bath securely and automatically, with encryption that prevents them from reading your MAT score without your permission. If you wish that university to take your MAT score into consideration, you must provide them with your MAT registration number. This is the letter M followed by a 5-digit number (e.g. M01729), which.

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The 2020/21 Call for Transfer is available for download in the CALL FOR TRANSFER box on this page. Please note that our Medicine and Surgery degree programme has been activated for the first time in 2017/18, and course years will be activated one at a time (see Note on Programme activation). For this reason, it is not possible to apply for. The results achieved by scientists who had the opportunity to use IMAT neutron imaging capabilities look very promising unveiling new directions in our innovative interdisciplinary research. [1] Burca, G. et al., Modelling of an imaging beamline at the ISIS pulsed neutron source, Journal of Instrumentation, 8 (2013), no 10 [2] Kockelmann, W. et al., Time-of-Flight Neutron Imaging on IMAT@ISIS.

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2020-12-17T14:26:26+01:00. 2020-11-09T14:39:12+01:00. 2020-12-17T14:26:25+01:00. 2020-12-17T14:26:25+01:00. Vielfältige Kulinarik. UNSERE RESTAURANTS UND CAFES FÜR IHREN GESCHMACK. Kleine Pause zwischendurch oder auch eine ausgiebiges Mahlzeit. In Restaurants gibt es ganztägige warme Küche in gutbürglich, italinisch, mediterran und asiatisch. Für den kleinen Hunger oder eine süße. At Results Physiotherapy we believe that people should not have to live with pain. We are committed to clinical excellence through professional development and industry-leading continuing education, supported by a culture of friendship. Download Brochure . A Better Approach to Physical Therapy. At Results Physiotherapy, you'll receive world-class, personalized service from leading clinicians. IMAT 2020. Edizioni precedenti. OFF 2020/2021. Vai all'offerta formativa. POST-LAUREA. Offerta Formativa Benvenuti su UniversItaly, il portale del Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca, creato appositamente per accompagnare gli studenti nel loro percorso di studi. Il sito è una vera e propria porta d'ingresso che permette di entrare nel mondo dei corsi di laurea e. Degree in Physiotherapy in English - CALL FOR APPLICATIONS 2020/21 Degree in Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques in English - CALL FOR APPLICATIONS 2020/21 Degree in Medicine in English - CALL FOR APPLICATIONS 2020/21 Degree in Midwifery in Italian - C ALL FOR APPLICATIONS 2020/2 You need a visa to enter in Italy. In order to apply for it, you need also to complete a pre-registration at the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your country as soon as possible, at the very latest by the mid of July 2020 (this procedure is mandatory). Register as a master student of Sapienza

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Result Notification; Overseas Applicants Domestic/ Internal Applicants; IMAT Program Application 1: : : November 19, 2019 (Tue) January 20, 2020 (Mon) IMAT Program Application 2: : : February 25, 2020 (Tue) April 6, 2020 (Mon) IMAT Program Application 3: : : March 31, 2020 (Tue) May 18, 2020 (Mon) IMAT Program Application 4: : April 14, 2020 (Tue Release date 02/03/2020. What's to know about Coronavirus: informative note by the Conference of Italian University Rectors . Release date 09/02/2019. September 12, 2019 - International medical admission test (IMAT) one long-cycle degree programme in Medicine and Surgery. Release date 07/08/2019. Enrolment procedure academic year 2019-2020. Search results: 282. Page 1 of 57 › » University. Simulazioni IMAT. 09/05/2020. PDF file - fillable Google form; Correction's slides; List of correct answers - Analysis of results YouTube podcast; 01/08/2020. PDF file - fillable Google form; Correction's slides; List of correct answers - Analysis of results YouTube streaming/podcast Precorsi 2020. Logica. Simulazione (40 quesiti. iMAT enables you to better help your clients thrive in today's challenging new environment. Even if you already invested millions into your analytics infrastructure, iMAT delivers novel insights, data and tools that can take your capabilities to the next level. Contact us to discuss how you can quickly obtain the capabilities you need to compete with top agencies. Learn More. Fractional. NMAT 2019 Result has been declared on 16th January 2020. NMAT 2019 is a university level entrance exam.This exam is organized by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). NMAT by GMAC offers the admission into MBA professional degree programmes in different specializations

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The School of Medicine in Bari was established in 1924 together with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Law. The first hospital was based in the old part of the city at the Ospedale San Pietro and moved later to the main university building in the Murat quarter and, subsequently, to the large hospital known as the 'Policlinico' in Piazza Giulio Cesare 11, 70124 Bari, in the 1950s Fashionpedia Fashionpedia is a dataset which consists of two parts: (1) an ontology built by fashion experts containing 27 main apparel categories, 19 apparel parts, 294 fine-grained attributes and their relationships; (2) a dataset with 48k everyday and celebrity event fashion images annotated with segmentation masks and their associated per-mask fine-grained attributes, built upon the. For the academic year 2020-2021 UniTO ensures international students flexible learning resources, addressing both the needs of social distancing in the academic environment and the current uncertainties of international travel.If the current safety conditions do not allow you to leave your home country you can start the semester at home and attend UniTO's courses online from home IPMAT 2021 - Indian Institute of Management, Indore conducts the undergraduate test known as Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) every year in order to provide admission to candidates in its five years integrated management programme.IIM Indore has started the registration process IPMAT 2021 on March 23 and will conduct IPMAT 2021 exam on July 16, 2021 (Evening Shift i.e. Heimat-Tour 2020 Heimat-Tour 2019 Heimat-Tour 2018 Filter search results. Inhaltstyp. Inhaltsseite (244) (-) Pressemitteilung (244) Facet Inhaltstyp. Schlagworte. Bau (121) Kommunales (52) Gleichstellung (35) Heimat (26) Ministerium (2) Facet Schlagworte (Inhalt) Änderungsdatum . Date filters. Filter. Sortieren nach. Änderungsdatum; Veröffentlichungsdatum; Relevanz; Suchergebnisse Die.

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