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  1. A great and relatively inexpensive whisky, The Ardmore is definitely one that's easy to drink. I rarely mix any spirits so whiskeys that can be enjoyed neat are always welcome. A cube of ice might lift the flavor slightly but certainly isn't necessary to make for an enjoyable drink
  2. In May 2018 I reviewed the Ardmore Traditional Cask. The bottle had been open since 2014. I was not reaching for it often and thankfully @Paddockjudge took the bottle off my hands to make room in a ver
  3. Auch der Ardmore Legacy kommt eher laut als leise daher. Er bringt viel Spaß in einen gemeinsamen Abend, aber besondere Vielschichtigkeit sollte man nicht erwarten. Der Ardmore Legacy hat eine ausgesprochen schön gestaltete Flasche (Foto: Amazon.de) Ardmore steht für klassische Highland-Whiskys mit feinem Rauc
  4. iscent of Auchentoshan. White pepper, cereals particularly Weetabix, raspberries, all-spice and at the rear a wine influence. In the mouth: more forceful than the nose suggested. The various casks have provided body with plums, rich tea biscuits, orange peel and brown sugar
  5. But I was surprised to notice that this whisky has some character. It lacks in balance but it's got some taste. After this experience I'm quite keen on trying Ardmore Tradition, which has bigger peat and alcohol influence. Ardmore distillery definitely had a Mortal Kombat with their Legacy and somehow managed to beat it. Ardmore Legacy is surely not a step up in their portfolio but then again, a good showcase of potential this distillery has. I hope they continue to bring more.
  6. Der Ardmore Traditional Peated ist kein sonderlich komplexer Whisky, aber einer der als Easy-Sipping-Whisky zum Feierabend oder gemeinsam mit ein paar Freunden dennoch viel Spaß macht. Die Kombination aus Getreide und Torf im Geschmack funktioniert gut und so stört es auch nicht, dass der No-Age-Statement-Whisky erkennbar etwas jünger schmeckt. Die Preis-Leistung stimmt, auch wenn der Traditional Peated etwas mehr kostet als der Ardmore Legacy
  7. The Ardmore has a slightly bitter after-taste, which I did not enjoy so much, though in the mouth it is pleasant enough. (Those who know whisky will say I am comparing chalk with cheese. Fair enough. Wine is my real tipple, so I took a risk here. But this is such a personal thing of course: I now wonder why I am writing a review at all.. I am sure many will love this, and it was a good price)

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Ardmore Legacy Review The Ardmore Legacy which has recently replaced the Ardmore Traditional as the entry level dram from The Ardmore distillery is a wonderful sweet, smoky, easy drinking dram that's both inexpensive and inoffensive. lovely sweet speyside peat entwined with soft fruity notes to make this dram sing, a real bargain drinker this is Whisky reviews, news & features. It's almost a year ago that I participated in the Peated Malts of Distinction Tweet tasting event organised by The Whisky Wire The colour is a bright gold. Lovely peat wafts on the nose, with lemon zest, vanilla extract, fresh pastry, light honey and ginger. Faint hint of cinnamon. The peat becomes a bit smokier with water Today we review The Ardmore LegacyThe Legacy is a (relatively) new core expression from the Ardmore Distillery, which lives in the village of Kennethmont - c..

Aroma: ein sehr leichter Whisky, nichts ist aufdringlich, es kommt ein zarter Rauch, höchstens 15 ppm, dabei ist er ordentlich süß, das heißt, vanillig; und danach entwickelt sich eine leichte Kräuternote; am ehesten erinnert mich diese an einen Maggiwürfel; sehr harmonisch, angenehm und ausgewogen Geschmack: und auf der Zunge kommt er genauso wie in der Nase; auch hier eine eindeutige Vanille, dann der Maggiwürfel; der Rauch ist aber auf der Zunge noch dezenter als in der Nase; auch. Wie das im Fall des Ardmore Legacy aussieht, werden wir in wenigen Momenten bei der. Vermutlich lief dieser Whisky nicht zuletzt wegen seines sehr guten Preises wie geschnitten Brot und so legen die Brennmeister aus Kennethmont jetzt nach: Der Ardmore 12 Jahre ist neben Ardmore 20 Jahre und Ardmore 30 Jahre der jüngste Age-Statement-Whisky in der Range der Highland-Destillerie. Da ein simpler 12-jähriger Single Malt aber kaum jemand hinter dem Ofen vorlocken dürfte, erhielt. the ardmore. Der Ardmore Port Wood Finish ist '100% peated', wurde also aus leicht rauchigem Malt mit 12 ppm kreiert. Ardmore brennt nicht nur leicht rauchigen Malt, sondern auch ungetorften Malt, der Ardlair genannt wird. Üblicherweise reift die Brennerei ihre Malts in Quarter Casks nach. Dieser 12-Jährige lagerte in Bourbon- und Portweinfässern, um ihm ein fruchtigeres Aroma zu verleihen The Ardmore Legacy is a NAS entry level dram from The Ardmore Distillery (owned by Beam Suntory). It replaced The Ardmore Traditional Cask and caused some co.. Ardmore 20 (2017) 49.3%. Since then they've come up with The Ardmore Tradition, which is a travel retail whisky and probably closer to the Ardmore Traditional single malt because it's fully peated with local Highland malt like the predecessor. The Ardmore Legacy is actually not that bad. Triple matured in American Oak barrels, quarter casks and puncheons, this non-chill filtered expression.

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  1. imises the among of iced water watering down the whisky whilst maximising temperature reduction. Very good whisky at an excellent price, good option for whiskey drinkers wanting to try something a little bit different
  2. Ardmore / Ardmore Ardmore Port Wood Finish Review A smoky whisky finished in port pipes, oh yes this sounds right up my street, it's exactly the types of things that work wonders for me, I love a lightly Peated dram and those sweet jammy notes from port casks
  3. Ardmore 16 Years Old 2000 Old Particular Whisky Review: Another quite light dram from a refill barrel, perhaps tamed a little more and some better developed fruit flavours arising, a little spiced in places, what it gains in fruit from the 14 Year Old 2000 expression however it loses in peat/smoke influence. 83/10
  4. Ardmore Legacy was introduced in 2014 as a replacement for Traditional. A mix of 80% peated and 20% unpeated malt, this is full-bodied, dry and spicy. Menu Search Delivery Account £ (gbp) Basket Your basket is currently empty. Currency Country of delivery Update. Close. New In & Offers. New In & Offers Whisky of the Month Spirit of the month Wine of the month Blog. New In New Products New.

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Whisky Review - The Ardmore Legacy The Ardmore Legacy 40% ABV ~£30.00 available from supermarket chains. I wrote my notes for Ardmore Traditional Cask over a week ago, thoroughly enjoyed it. So it's with a level of concern that I am going into this review/note tasting session, as with the lower ABV and chill filtration I'm unsure how much the previous sippage is going to influence my. Ardmore 20 (2017) Review Hi everyone, There aren't that many official Ardmore bottlings really. Traditional was discontinued, replaced with Legacy. And there's the 12yo Portwood. But no others come to mind. And then this one came out of nowhere, at a sensible strength and an even more sensible price! I was shocked. So shocked I almost bought one. Especially as Ardmore has become a. I wish they'd leave it at natural color, but that's a gripe I have with a lot of whisky. So instead let's focus on the experience of drinking the 2000 Alexander Murray Ardmore 13 Years and get on with the review. 2000 Alexander Murray Ardmore 13 Years Info. Region: Speyside, Scotland. Distiller: Ardmore Bottler: Alexander Murra Produktinformationen Ardmore 10 Jahre 2009/2020 The Whisky Chamber 56,8% vol. Dieser 10-jährige Ardmore aus den schottischen Highlands reifte in einem Bourbon Barrel und wurde vom unabhängigen, deutschen Abfüller 'The Whisky Chamber' in Fassstärke mit 56,8% vol. abgefüllt

Ardmore Legacy is rated 82/100 by 4 reviewers on Connosr, the world's favourite whisky community. Read all the reviews here Review - Ardmore Port Wood Finish The Port Wood Finish is the latest addition to the core single malt range from the east Highland distillery of Ardmore. It was released back in October of this year. The whisky is made in the distillery's traditional mid-peated style, which has been produced there since the early 1900s. It is currently the only Highland distillery to produce the majority of. Toms Whisky Reviews - Review of Ardmore Legacy. The Ardmore Legacy which has recently replaced the Ardmore Traditional as the entry level dram from The Ardmore distillery is a wonderful sweet, smoky, easy drinking dram that's both inexpensive and inoffensive The Whisky Advocate Buying Guide is a powerful tool for learning, discovery, and making the most of your whisky buying budget. Let our expert tasters be your guide through a deep archive of over 5,000 whisky reviews. Using our finely tuned search tool, you can identify whisky at prices and styles that suit any desire, whether searching for a daily drinking whisky or a special gift. Our rating. Ardmore Single Malt Whisky. Legacy is a mix of 80% peated malt and 20% unpeated malt - full-bodied, with a dry and spicy finish. From the website. The Ardmore distillery has been distilling the finest highland malt whisky since 1898 and whilst the world has moved on little has changed up here

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The best Ardmore ever! Schon der Ardmore 2008 in Trinkstärke wurde als bester internationaler Whisky mit dem Germanys Best Whisky Award ausgezeichnet, und wir haben ihn in Fassstärke 57,3%. Clubflasche 2021. Von Ardmore 2008 destilliert, abgefüllt 12/2020 für unseren Club. Dieser besondere Whisky wurde wieder in Fassstärke 57,3% abgefüllt, 220 Flaschen konnten aus diesem Fass gezogen. Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky Jameson Original The Ardmore Legacy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Au­chen­tos­han Single Malt Scotch Whisky Dal­w­hin­nie Highland Single Malt Bowmore 15 Jahre Islay Bowmore Islay Single Malt; Vergleichsergebnis * Das Qualitätsmanagement für unser Test- und Vergleichsverfahren ist nach ISO 9001 TÜV-geprüft Vergleich.org Unsere Bewertung. Whisky reviews, whisky events, whisky consulting & whisky discussion. Based in Brisbane, Australia. Feel free to subscribe or follow me by email, or contact me using the form on the right. Join me in my search for Peated Perfection! Slainte! Search This Blog. Sunday, 6 March 2016. Ardmore Traditional Whisky Review! For quite some time, this was the only widely-available original bottling of. Ardmore is under a strong marketing and branding push in the last few years, a process which intensified under Suntory Beam hands. A couple of new releases were released in 2015 and the latest of them is the one we review today, the Ardmore 12 yo Port Wood Finish. This whisk was matured in American oak ex-bourbon casks before finished in Port.

This Glen Garioch and Ardmore 11 year old are the first two releases from the Ukrainian bottler The Bookinist. It was founded by Anatoliy Berezovskiy and you may have already seen that name here because he is also involved with Scyfion, which I have written about before. As of now, these bottles have only been released in Ukraine, but hopefully, that will change in the foreseeable future Whisky Reviews. New Whiskies 11 October 2019 Batch 223. Method and Madness' acacia and cherry wood-matured whiskeys meet four Adelphis. Old & Rare 09 October 2019 Rare Batch 76 . A mixed bag of single malts, regions and styles, including Glenlossie, Jura and Laphroaig. Old & Rare 09 October 2019 Rare Batch 75. A Karuizawa triptych illustrates the enduring excellence of this cult Japanese. Ardmore 30 year old offers a wonderful balance of thought-provoking and effective flavours alongside some good old fashioned well-aged elegance. Aromas and flavours are distinct and palpable whilst at the same time subtle, balanced and never overstated. The oak has been well-controlled and acts as a foil for the underlying Ardmore spirit profile. Delicious whisky that's well-priced (as with.

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  1. This 23 year old Ardmore is part of the Connoisseurs Choice series of Gordon & MacPhail. Already since the 60s, this series of the independent bottler exists. Every Single Malt is created in a single cask or only from a few. Detailed information about the years and cask type is stated on the label. The Ardmore was bottled from a single hogshead
  2. Glenfiddich 30 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review. Read more > Greg | June 11, 2019. More from the blog. THE OXFORD ARTISAN DISTILLERY LAUNCHES ITS INAUGURAL RYE WHISKY. Read more > Greg | April 26, 2021. Glenmorangie creates single malt whisky made to mix Read more > Greg | April 25, 2021. Diageo collaborates on innovation trial to make most sustainable glass Scotch whisky.
  3. The Ardmore Legacy Scotch (replacing the Traditional Cask) considers itself lightly peated, suggesting it has a very mild smoky flavor (or peat reek) relative to Islay or other Highland scotches. It is also bottled at a very light 80 proof (most single malts are bottled at 86 or higher) suggesting a very approachable and light-bodied scotch. They suggest looking for flavor notes of vanilla.
  4. Teacher's Highland Cream is a brand of blended Scotch whisky produced in Glasgow, Scotland, by Beam Suntory, the US-headquartered subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan.The Teacher's Highland Cream brand was registered in 1884. (The label on the bottles says est. 1830, reflecting an earlier date when the founding family entered the whisky business, before the brand name was created.
  5. Ardmore distillery is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery, located in the village of Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire. The distillery is owned and operated by Beam Suntory, an American subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan. The distillery was built in 1898 by William Teacher's son, Adam, to secure fillings for their blend, Teacher's Highland Cream (of which it remains the principal.
  6. Ardmore 10 YO That Boutique-y Whisky Company Batch 5: That Boutique-y Advent Calendar 2019-06. This is the sixth in a series of 24 reviews of the 2019 whisky advent calendar, the result of seizing an opportunity when the LCBO dropped the price of this set by 50% in early 2020. Call me weak.Before Score 76/10

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Die Ardmore Brennerei hat ihren Sitz in der schottischen Whiskyregion Speyside und wurde 1889 gegründet. Der Ardmore Legacy besteht zu 80 % aus getorften Whisky, bei dem das Gerstenmalz über einem Torffeuer getrocknet wurde. Die restlichen 20% des Whiskys sind ungetorft. Dadurch ist ein leicht getorfter NAS-Whisky (No Age Statement) entstanden, also einem Whisky ohne Altersangabe. Ardmore. Ardmore Whisky jetzt günstig beim neuen Testsieger für Whisky kaufen! Ardmore ist eine Whiskybrennerei am Ortrand von Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire in Schottland. Sie wird der Region Highland zugeordnet. Geschichte: Kostenloser Versand ab € 95,- Bestellwert. Versand innerhalb von 1-3 Werktagen mit DHL. 30 Tage Geld-Zurück-Garantie. Service Hotline 03381 3424580. Service/Hilfe. Cookie. Er ist vielleicht kein Hochkaräter aber ein beliebter Whisky und das Herzstück des Irish Coffee. Für alle die sich für Irish Coffee interessieren kann ich dieses Irish Cofee Rezept empfehlen. Die Geschichte des Jameson Whiskey. Jameson ist wohl die mit Abstand bekannteste irische Whiskey Marke. Seinen Ursprung hat der bekannte und beliebte.

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  1. WhiskyRant has over 300 whisky reviews and plenty of useful information about the industry. You can read about whisky related products and tips as well. Mainly this blog has reviews and tasting notes of whiskies all over the world. Because this is a blog written by a Finnish guy, you'll get lots of information about Finnish whiskies in English. That is something rare when thinking about.
  2. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Ardmore Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70 cl at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users
  3. Ardmore Legacy Single Malt Whisky 40% vol. 0,70l Jim Murray gab diesem Whisk(e)y 88 Punkte. Der Ardmore Legacy ist ein lightly peated Single Malt (leicht getorft), der mit sehr dezenten rauchigen Noten durchaus auch für Whisky Einsteiger geeignet ist. Ein schöner, gefälliger Whisky, mit einer harmonischen Verbindung aus süßen und rauchigen Noten. Farbe: Helles Gold Nase: Sanft.
  4. The ardmore whisky test. Entdecke einzigartige Ardmore Whisky Deals & Finde immer den besten Preis VERGLEICHE.de! VERGLEICHE.de: Ardmore Whisky Jetzt online bestellen und sicher nach Hause liefern lassen Das richtige Geschenk für alle Whisky-Liebhaber. Gutscheine hier online buchen! Erlebnis-Gutscheine zum Verschenken oder selbst Erleben Mit Ardmore 20 Jahre und Ardmore 30 Jahre sind auch.
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The Whiskey Barrel Ardmore's entry-level offering goes against the typical Speyside grain. It is matured in quarter casks and offers a briny, peaty flavor profile. Ardmore remains a favorite among Speyside whiskeys and is a great choice for those who prefer a more robust, savory whiskey. It's also an excellent single malt choice for mixing up impressive scotch cocktails tmu rated whisky Ardmore 2001 SMWS 66.33 with 84 points tmu rated whisky Ardmore 2006 SMWS 66.126 with 80 points Simon-Desplanque rated whisky Bowmore Vault Edit 1°N with 87 point Because Ardmore makes proper single malt. There's some gems to be found from the early and late 1990s, although lately we've seen quite a few Ardmore from 2009, many of which have matured in former Laphroaig casks. One of these casks was releases last year by The Whisky Exchange. Ardmore 2009 9 Years (58.5%, The Whisky Exchange, C#707912 Scotch Whisky Reviews. We love scotch whisky and aim to try and review as much of it as possible from the finest to not so finest drams on the planet. Our scotch whisky reviews are honest and unbiased. We buy all the bottles out of our own pockets so you can be sure you are getting our genuine opinion. 88 % The Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask Review Scotch Whisky Reviews. 90 % The Balvenie 17 Year.

The Ardmore is the only consistently fully-peated Highland single malt whisky. Created using traditional equipment and materials; the same whisky distilling and warehousing methods have been utilized since 1898. The Ardmore Legacy celebrates the distillery's unique location on the fringes of the Highlands, offering a lightly peated (80%peated and 20% unpeated) liquid that is sweet and. Be the first to review Ardmore 2000 Cancel reply. Your rating. Your review * Name * Email * Related products -5%. Add to wishlist. Inchfad (Loch Lomond) 2005 € 6,00 - € 94,90 inkl. MwSt. Includes 19% MwSt. plus shipping. Delivery Time: not specified. Add to wishlist. Linkwood 2007 € 5,00 - € 79,90 inkl. MwSt. Includes 19% MwSt. plus shipping. Delivery Time: not specified. Add. The water for the Ardmore Whisky comes from water sources at the Knockandy hill. Up untill the mid 70s Ardmore had its own malting and its own cooperage. As they produce mostly for the Blended Malt industry the output is at a high 5,2 million liters of spirit per year. The Ardmore distillery. The Pot Stills. Ardmore has four wash stills and four spirit stills with a capacity of 15,000 liters.

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Jameson, John Irish Whiskey bei BevBox kaufen - Ihr Onlineshop für selektierte Spirituosen. Wir überzeugen Sie mit: schnellem Versand, sicherer Beza Begin NU met besparen, vind de beste online deals en korting bij ProductShopper. De beste online deals van vandaag. Ontdek alle aanbiedingen bij ProductShopper Über den Whisky: Dieser Ardmore wurde am 13.10.2009 destilliert und am 24.6.2020 abgefüllt. Er ist also nicht ganz 11 Jahre alt. Gereift wurde er erst in Schottland, das Finish in einem Portfass fand dann in einem Port Cask statt. Abgefüllt wurde ucf nc cs, also unchillfiltered, natural colour, cask strength. Oder kurz: So, wie wir es mögen! 60,4% sind ja auch nur das Doppelte der. Ardmore - 1996 - Gordon & MacPhail - Single Malt Scotch Whisky | 43% (86 Proof) Sample provided by Gordon & MacPhail Look/Appearance: Light gold, illuminated by the flames from a fireplace. Nice warm hues in the full bottle. This is from a re-fill sherry hogshead. Seems to be from a 2013 release, which would mak The Ardmore Legacy review. whiskyapocalypse 15 Aug 2015 23 Jul 2017 Ardmore, peated. Highland. Post navigation. Previous . Next. My first experience of Ardmore Legacy when I've actually had a bottle to get through rather than the odd dram in a pub. I picked this up because it's often on offer in the supermarkets for around £20 and I have to say for the money it's well worth it and.

Ardmore Traditional Cask. 46% abv. Score: 83.5/100 . There's a lot of love out there in the whisky-sphere for the Ardmore Traditional Cask. And please believe me when I say that I really want to like it more than I do.. A couple of years back when I first tried this expression, I recall being slightly underwhelmed The Exclusive Malts - Ardmore 2000 - 14 Year Old - Single Malt Scotch Whisky | 54.3% (108.6 Proof) $109.99 (Here) Sample provided by ImpEx Beverages Color/Appearance: The palest yellow with only the slightest hint of amber tones. So natural looking. Very likely from some pretty nonreactive barrel. This is from the 2014 release o Im Test: Ardmore 6yo von the Barreliers Mir geht es in letzter Zeit so: Je mehr ich mich mit Whisky beschäftige, desto tiefer tauche ich in dieses bodenlose Fass (Wortspiel beabsichtigt ein. Und so bin ich das letzte Mal, als ich wieder rumgeschmökert habe, auf eine kleine aber feine Firma Namens The Barreliers gestoßen Test: Ardmore 12 Jahre Port Wood Finish. 23. November 2015 Maximilian Jopp. Mit dem Ardmore 12 Jahre Port Wood Finish erschien im Oktober 2015 die erste Limited Edition von The Ardmore seit dem Relaunch der Marke im Jahr 2014. Für diesen Single Malt Whisky verwendet die in den schottischen Highlands ansässige Brennerei über einer Torfflamme getrocknetes Gerstenmalz und das Wasser der nahe. Whiskybase: discover new bottles, track your collection, contribute to the whisky database and buy or sell on the whisky Market

The Ardmore Triple Wood Whisky is a travel retail whisky from Beam Suntory, a no age statement whisky matured in three type of oak The Ardmore Legacy Single Malt review WhiskyRant's conclusions Tasting notes The Ardmore Legacy comes from the borders of Speyside and Highland, stating itself a Highlander whisky. Legacy is a lightly peated single malt whisky from Ardmore distillery Ardmore Traditional Cask is one of the best buy in the single malt segment. The peat level is just perfect and extends the depth of flavors. It's a good introduction to the world of peated whisky. The extra expense in re-racking Ardmore and extending the maturation period by circa 1-year is most appreciated by me. Thank you. (Point of. Review: Chieftain's Ardmore 15 Madeira Finish. Chieftain's Ardmore 15 Yr Cask 94092. Single Malt Scotch - Highland Region, Scotland . 46% ABV. View fullsize . Chieftain's Ardmore 15 Highland Madeira Finish. I have known of and have been aware of the Chieftain's line of independently bottled whiskies for some time now, but (and to my own regret) I had never made the time to sit down with.

See our 2021 Adjusted Rating (after removing 10% of the 2,910 Amazon reviews deemed unnatural) for The Ardmore Legacy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, mit.. Whisky of the Week review and tasting notes for the Teacher's Highland Cream whisky. A blended whisky with the peat and malt from Ardmore Whisky reviews, whisky events, whisky consulting & whisky discussion. Based in Brisbane, Australia. Feel free to subscribe or follow me by email, or contact me using the form on the right. Join me in my search for Peated Perfection! Slainte! Sunday, 6 March 2016. Ardmore Traditional Whisky Review! For quite some time, this was the only widely-available original bottling of Ardmore single malt. Ardmore Legacy - test whisky. by Bartosz Łataś. Ardmore Legacy. Whisky Ardmore Legacy. Gorzelnia Ardmore - destylarnia, która nie należy do grupy najbardziej znanych i rozpoznawalnych. Położona na granicy regionów Speyside i Highland. Może dzięki temu ta whisky jest nieoczywista i trochę intrygująca. Łagodność i lekka słodycz przesiąknięte są delikatnym, torfowym dymem. I agree that the nose is not dynamic, but as noted above, it is a nice sipping whiskey. Where I disagree with the review is my conclusion that a nice sipping whiskey is exactly what I want on a routine basis. If you haven't tried it, and you don't have strong opinions about Islay vs Highlands vs , give it a try. But don't drink too much of it, I would hate to see it become hard.

Ardmore The Single Cask Nation Ardmore 8 Year 2016 (Refill Bourbon Hoggie) November 1, 2017. Tasting notes: I look into my glass, draw in a full whiff, and I'm convinced that I should fill my vape pen with this liquid. It's a peat menthol! Or it's used in the . The Ardmore Traditional Cask. October 28, 2014 [With the Ardmore Legacy coming out, we thought it was an appropriate time to. For my first Whisky Network review I am starting things off with the bottle that came with the combo membership package from SMWS America! The tasting notes for this bottle were spot on, especially the note relating to a piece of meat getting scorched to a plank of wood. What was particularly interesting about this 11 year old Ardmore was that it was a much better dram straight from the cask. Der Ardmore Port Wood Finish 12 Jahre wird nicht kühlgefiltert und kommt mit 46.0% vol. in die Flaschen. Produktart: Whisky Hersteller: William Maxwell & Co. Ltd. Anschrift: Ardmore Distillery, Kennethmont, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, AB54 4NJ, Schottland. Land: Schottlan

Der neue Ardmore Legacy Speyside Single Malt Whisky präsentiert sich als angenehm süßer Malt der eine sehr typische, vom Brennerei Charakter geprägten Whisky darstellt. Diese Ardmore Legacy Abfüllungwartet mit einer cremigen Vanille Note auf, die von einem Hauch rauchiger Kohle und feinen Gewürzen begleitet wird. Da.. Ardmore whisky reviews by The Smoky Dram. Ardmore Traditional Cask. Posted on November 11, 2014 by The Smoky Dram. 4. Finally back from my annual holiday and now off to the Highlands of Scotland for my next review. This time I am off to Ardmore, which means 'big headland' in Gaelic. They are located at the edge of the Grampian mountains and they were founded in 1898 Adam Teacher. Whiskey.

Rated B+ Reviews Scotch Whisky Whiskey. Review: WM Cadenhead Ardmore 8 Years Old. Rob Theakston April 25, 2021. It feels as if Ardmore is popping up this year with greater frequency on the independent bottling circuit. That is most certainly all conjecture based on nothing at this point, but perhaps Beam Suntory is considering joining the trend of testing younger stock on the market, at first. Released in 2014 to take the place of the Ardmore Traditional, the Legacy brings a lightly-peated, wood spice-led flavour profile to the table. At its core, the Ardmore Legacy is made with 80% peated and 20% unpeated malt. Age Gate. Our Website requires you to be 18 years or older to enter. I AM OVER 18 I AM NOT 18 YET. Sorry Adults Only. Sales & Inquiries: +63917 152 0505 | Customer Support. Beliebte Ardmore Whisky im Vergleich Produkte im Test! Ardmore Triple Wood. Wood Ardmore Triple. The Ardmore TRADITIONAL PEATED mit Geschenkverpackung. Nase: Torfig, fruchtig, Aromen von Torf. 20 year old. Ardmore Whisky / 700ml 43% . Vol, 1 x Single Malt Whisky, mit einer dezenten lagerte während seiner in Ex-Bourbon Fässern frische Erdbeeren und Kühlfiltrierung hergestellt und leicht.

Die Preise für Scotch treiben Whisky-Fans oft die Tränen in die Augen. Doch in der Blindverkostung räumt jetzt ein Discounter-Schnaps Preise ab. Für deutsche Kenner ist leider ein. Ardmore Legacy of 40% vol. is a Scotch Single Malt whisky from the Highlands. Launched in 2014, this scotch was designed to substitute The Ardmore Traditional which is no longer in production. 80% toasted malt with turf and 20% without any turf. As a result, Ardmore Distillery delivers a full-bodied, dry, smoky and lightly peaty whisky presenting sweet notes of honey and vanilla. Another big. Glen Garioch 2008 11 Years (57.5%, The Bookinist, 317 bts.) Finished in a Mouton Rothschild Wine Cask for 10 months. Nose: Whispers of pralines and red berries, but also linseed oil and butter, followed by a whiff of burlap and barley husks.Some blackcurrants and also gentle sulphur notes, which is not uncommon in wine matured whisky The Ardmore 12 YO Portwood. The Ardmore 12 YO Portwood is a particularly refined Single Malt Whisky from the Scottish Speyside. Due to its long maturation and the special finish in port wine casks, this special creation will delight whisky connoisseurs worldwide. The Highland Single Malt Scotch comes in an elegant 0.7L bottle and with 46% vol.

Write Review A more traditional , fuller and richer blend, created using the most traditional techniques. The Ardmore 'heart' with its 12-15 parts per million peating adds a subtle touch of Highland peat smoke, the Quarter Cask maturation imparts a softer, deeper falvour whilst the combination of malts and grai whisky from all over Scotland add a complexity and a long finish. Tust one dram of. Ripplewood Whiskey and Craft, Ardmore. 1,848 likes · 13 talking about this · 2,511 were here. The Ripplewood is a throwback to a classic American whiskey bar. We aim to transport you to a different.. Whisky Reviews Whiskypedia Events Where to Buy Distilleries & brands All (642) Brands (395) Distilleries (387) Blended grain (5) Blended malt (71) Blended scotch (159) Single grain (25) Single malt (426) Unaged spirits (9) Whisky companies All (345) Blenders (171) Distillers (119) Independent bottlers (95) Bottle library Home > Whiskypedia > Distilleries & brands > Ardmore; Advertisement. Bereits ab 39,50 € Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt Ardmore Traditional Cask 1l 46% Whiskey günstig kaufen bei idealo.d 4-nov-2015 - Na The Ardmore Port Wood Finish is het vandaag tijd om onze proefnotities van The Ardmore Triple Wood met jullie te delen

Ardmore Traditional Cask - Whisky Review

Indian Liquor Hindi Review; Sign In Add Listing. Sign In Add Listing. Single Malt Whisky. Buy Ardmore Traditional Whiskey Online Duty Free - 1 Litre . Single Malt Whisky. Pune, Maharashtra, India. Added on May 5, 2020. Details; Add to Favorites. Quantity: 1. Delivery or Pick Up: Pick Up. Size: 1 Liter (Full) Buy Ardmore Traditional Whiskey Peated - ThekaService. A young peated Highlander. Entdecken Sie die feine Welt des Whiskys. Entdecken Sie die feine Welt des Whiskys Service/Hilfe . Cookie-Einstellungen Ein toller Ardmore nicht nur für Fans von Torf und Rauch ist dieser 12-jährige Whisky vom unabhängigen Abfüller Alambic Classique. Der Whisky reifte in einem Bourbon Barrel und wurde in Fassstärke abgefüllt. Aroma : eine frische Brise... Inhalt 0.7 Liter (114,00.

News & Review: The Ardmore Legacy (vs Traditional CaskArdmore Traditional Peated Single Malt Whisky 1l 46%Ardmore - Mini Bottle Club Miniature - 1987 21 year old WhiskyBlack Friday 2020 (The Whisky Exchange) | WhiskyNotes reviewFor The Weekend: Teacher's Highland Cream Review
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