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  1. The following is a list of all classes in the global version of Maplestory, GMS, ranked based on their damage output. DPS rankings are based on calculations against a single target with only one part to attack, which reflects a class's performance against some bosses. Against certain bosses, you need to take out multiple parts at once
  2. This guide will teach you all about Player Ranks in MapleStory M. Players can see how they measure up to other players by checking their status in the Rank menu. There are three different categories: All, Friend, and Guild
  3. Item ranks are divided into 8 categories: Normal, Rare, Epic, Unique, Unique with emblem, Legendary, legendary with emblem and mythic
  4. There are a total of 20 Legion Ranks in Maplestory. Here is a complete overview of all Legion Ranks in the game and how many attackers you can assign at each rank. It will take a while to reach the highest Legion Ranks, so we recommend starting to work towards higher ranks as soon as you unlock Legion. How to increase Legion Rank
  5. The classes in MapleStory are divided into eight subclasses. Every class in-game right now is a part of any of these subclasses. Nova, Sengoku, Explorers, Cygnus Knights, Beast Tamer, Child of God, Heroes and Resistance

The larger the number, the higher the android/heart rank. Possible rank values range from 0 (no rank) to 10, though 9 is the highest currently available in GMS. Examples: Princessroid is rank 9, so she can wear any heart that is ranked 1-9. Beryl Heart is rank 5, so it is compatible with androids that are rank 5 - 9 MVP Special ranks are based on the amount of NX spent in the current month and the past two months, and can go up or down. You can check your status in each ranking system by clicking on the MVP Service UI located within the Cash Shop. You can see your current ranking and how close you are to the next ranking. All rankings are updated in real time Renowned Legion Rank I 3,000 170 740 18 Renowned Legion Rank II 3,500 430 1,170 18 Renowned Legion Rank III 4,000 450 1,620 20 Renowned Legion Rank IV 4,500 470 2,090 21 Renowned Legion Rank V 5,000 490 2,580 22 Heroic Legion Rank I 5,500 510 3,090 27 Heroic Legion Rank II 6,000 930 4,020 28 Heroic Legion Rank III 6,500 960 4,980 2 purple. yellow. green. red. increasing value, basically, the higher the rank the more better stats it has from the base item, think it's like 20+ stats overall per color rank or something, so like a blue item will have +60 stats from a clean base item, iirc This tier list ranks classes from Maplestory in tiers purely based on their DPS. No other factor than damage alone is taken into consideration in this DPS tier list. If other factors such as useful abilities against bosses, mobbing potential, tankiness, and value in a party were taken into consideration, this tier list would be very different. Therefore, blindly following the above tiers is not a definite answer to the question, which class is the best. However, this tier list is still a.

MapleStory Inner Ability is a system that allows your characters to gain extra stats much like the Potential System. Players unlock the Inner Ability system from level 50 and can rank up their Inner Ability to a max rank of Legendary, where the best stats are available. Instead of using Potential Cubes, the Inner Ability system uses Honor Points, which are acquired from a number of different ways in MapleStory. This guide will take a look at the Inner Ability system and look at. [메이플스토리] 블루밍 포레스

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How To Rank Up Familiars (Familiar Revamp) | MapleStory - YouTube. A video showcasing how you can tier up familiars with the new familiar revamp.Requirements before you can rank up (works up to. Rank. Server. Votes. 1. MapleRoyals - The Nostalgic MapleStory Server No longer recognize today's MapleStory as the one you played in the good old days? Try MapleRoyals! MapleRoyals offers a nostalgic experience, the way you remember it, with a large community where you can easily find your place. Whether it's bossing, PQing, or grinding, you can enjoy it all agai... No Pay2win Old School.

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Rankings. All Classes Beginners Islanders Warriors Magicians Archers Thieves Pirates Fame; Listed below are the server's top 500 Players! Congratulations to everyone who made it to this page! Rank Level Name Job Fame ; Table 'world_0.accounts' doesn't exist. Ursus the Mighty is a massive beast and the first ever raid boss in MapleStory. 1 Story 2 Battle Overview 3 Rewards 3.1 Aisha's Shop 3.2 Medals 4 Monster 5 Gallery 6 Trivia Masarayu was a man who had everything, his fortunes matched those of Gold Richie, and he had nothing to fear. Then one day, he heard about Ursus, a beast who displayed the very power and anger of nature itself. Ursus cared.

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  1. e which hearts can be equipped. Androids may equip hearts equal to or lower than their rank. The larger the number, the higher the android/heart rank. Possible rank values range from 0 (no rank) to 10, though 9 is the highest currently available in GMS. Examples
  2. MapleStory is a free-to-play side-scrolling MMORPG from Wizet and Nexon. Enter a world of magic and mystery where epic adventure, action and good friends await you. Explore the land of Maple World.
  3. MapleStory M. MapleStory M is a mobile game released for iOS and Android, in South Korea during October 2016 and then overseas on May 28, 2018. Sequel. The sequel, MapleStory 2, was released in Korea on July 7, 2015. Unlike its predecessor, MapleStory 2 takes place on a 3D voxel-based plane at an often isometric angle. Media adaptation
  4. d that the Link Skills ranked lower aren't necessarily poor, it only indicates that there are better skills compared to these skills. Use this MapleStory Link Skills guide to help prioritize which ones you might want to get first. Table of Contents. 1. Wild Rage (Demon Avenger) 2.
  5. Play Old-School MapleStory at MapleSaga for FREE! Chat with us! Toggle navigation. Play now 420 players online. Register; Downloads; Rankings; Library; Earn NX; Forums; English . Español; Português; 繁體中文 ; MapleSaga is a low rate, nostalgic MapleStory private server. Enjoy old-school MapleStory gameplay and a friendly community. x8 EXP / x5 Mesos / v62 with a Skill Rebalance Find out.
  6. Best Maplestory Private server list voted by players. Promote your Maple private server on our top 100 ranking. Google Ads. Toggle navigation New servers. Versions; Types & Mods; Countries; Advertise here. Runescape Server - Maplestory Lover: Enchanta - A new Custom Server for Runescape. Try : MapleStory Server List. Add New Server . Rank Server Version Type; 1. MapleLegends: v62: Low Rate.

Maplestory Tier List gives you the best of in game characters ranked from best to worst. Our Maplestory Tier List has the list of latest characters from the game so that you choose the best ones. Maplestory Tier List (Characters) Below is the list of all the characters in the game ranked from best to worst. Tier S. Character DPS(Billions) Tier; Angelic Buster: 147.87: S: Aran: 167.01: S. A guild can have between 3 and 5 ranks. The number of ranks and the name of each rank can be changed by the guild leader. Note that rank names, like guild names, cannot contain special characters or spaces. The names listed below are the default ones. Master. The Master has complete power over the guild. He or she can expel, promote, or demote members; add, remove, or rename ranks; create. Easy Legion Guide MapleStory 2021 (How it works, Fast levels) But, when you first start out, your legion will look a lot smaller and will increase in size as you raise your legion rank. To fill out your legion you need to create and level up different characters. Why Should You Work On Your Legion? As you play on your main you'll quickly hit a point where you can't progress anymore. Rank. Server. Votes. 1. MapleRoyals - The Nostalgic MapleStory Server 154470. 2. MapleLegends - The Old School MapleStory Server - FULLY MAC Compatible - No Hackers 134261. 3. Ristonia [v222] 47764. 4. MapleSaga v62 - x8 EXP, No HP Washing, Mac Compatible, Nerfed Leeching 44572. 5. StoryMaple - As one Story ends, another Story is born. 37440 . 6. StoryMS - V5 RELEASED. EVAN COMING SOON | No HP.

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Ursus the Mighty is a massive beast and the first ever raid boss in MapleStory. 1 Story 2 Battle Overview 3 Rewards 3.1 Aisha's Shop 3.2 Medals 4 Monster 5 Gallery 6 Trivia Masarayu was a man who had everything, his fortunes matched those of Gold Richie, and he had nothing to fear. Then one day, he heard about Ursus, a beast who displayed the very power and anger of nature itself. Ursus cared. MapleStorySEA NEO Update! Devour into darkness with new class Kaine, discover new areas, NEO Events and many more Stay up to date with MapleStory RSS feeds. Pink Bean will sends news notification to subscribed channels. Subscription is channel specific. This means all feeds will be posted at one place! Rank. Keep track of your MapleStory progression. Rank commands will display all of your character rankings, including overall ranking, world ranking, job ranking, and more. Mob. Display everything about the.

Buy MapleStory mesos from experienced sellers. 100% safe and secure! Current Average Meso Cost per 1,000,000,000 PixelMarket Sellers - Last 24 hours - Click for last 31 Day MapleStory is ranked #17 out of 127 tracked MMOs for player populations. TOTAL PLAYERS. 4.61M. MapleStory is estimated to have 4,609,166 total players or subscribers. DAILY PLAYERS. 437.87K. MapleStory is estimated to have 437,871 players per day this month. 5 Year Breakdown Active Players Over The Last Year Yearly Population Chart . Active Players Over The Last Month Daily Live Population. Play classic MapleStory at MapleLegends for FREE! Available since April 2015. JOIN NOW and go back in time... Welcome to MapleLegends! We are an Old School Maplestory Server. Click here if you wish to learn more about our server. MapleLegends. Register; Download; Rankings; Vote for Cash; Support Us; Library; Community Forum; Discord; Gallery; Twitter; Reddit; Steam; Login Create a Free Account. Once again, MapleStory's director Kang Won-ki has released a statement, this time about the continued disappointment and anger of customers due to the compensation of the additional options/Ability errors. This is MapleStory's director Kang Won-ki. I apologize to the many people who are dedicated to MapleStory. During MapleStory's long service, many incidents have occurred MapleStory (Korean: 메이플스토리; RR: Meipeul Seutori) is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game, developed by South Korean company Wizet.Several versions of the game are available for specific countries or regions, and each is published by various companies such as Nexon.. In the game, players travel the Maple World, defeating monsters and.

The MapleStory Customer Conference has announced the 10 players who were invited to the event to talk to the MapleStory team.There is also a new video from the director Kang Won-ki, and details on the event (which were released earlier but I didn't make a post about it) 3v3 PvP mode where players take control of MapleStory's most legendary heroes. Players will have to defeat monsters and conquer enemies to develop their character, fighting their way to the top during the final battle. Level Requirement:At least Level 110 1 Details 1.1 Create Room/Quick Join 1.1.1 Create Room 1.1.2 Quick Join 2 Play Modes 2.1 Ranked Mode 2.2 Free Mode 3 Game Play 3.1 How to. Search and find the best MapleStory private servers ranked by votes, version, type using our top list and vote for your favourite. Advertise here: Rank Server Votes; 1 ClassicMS. Experience 2009-era MapleStory in its prime at ClassicMS. We offer a vanilla form 1x rates of MapleStory v62 with no additional edits to the game, a friendly community with near daily events along with free NX you. MapleStory Classes: Warrior In 2014, the game was ranked among the top ten MMOs based on worldwide revenue. At the time, it boasted over 8 million users. More than a decade after its release, the game remains as one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs of all time. MapleStory is set in the mythical Maple World where the citizens are enjoying peace after legendary heroes sealed away the. Classic MapleStory with a modern twist. Play StoryMaple for FREE! JOIN NOW and go back in time..

Each class, or job, will have their unique set of skills. Cygnus Knights Explorers Heroes Resistanc Explore MapleStory! A popular, fun-filled online adventure where friendship begins for children and adults! Join MapleStory, the most popular Free-to-play 2D online game in Singapore and Malaysia. News & Events more [14.11] Patch Notes for [31.10] Premature Expiration of [17.11] Izar, the Rising [17.11] Welcome to the [16.11] Win MapleStory Mushroom [16.11] Game Masters Events. Maplestory, but with Pathfinder as the main character. A peculiar explorer with a distant behavior finds herself in Maple World. Her curiosity and courage are what gives her the drive to discover ancient relics. This explorer will journey through many corners of Maple World as a unique bowman, learning to.. Browse the official forums and chat with other MapleStory players here. Guilds - Official MapleStory Website For those looking for a guild, or to recruit more guild members Check out the /r/MapleStory community on Discord - hang out with 14,505 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat

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Ranking the best Maplestory private server by players reviews and score. Promote your Maple private server on the most popular top 100 list MapleStory Heroes OffLine. 145 likes. Maple Story Heroes OffLine O jogo se baseia mais em recordes; conseguir as melhores Armas, sempre evoluir para conseguir conquistar novas áreas, matar monstros.. Guilded's MapleStory Discord bot lets your Discord server know when new events are on your calendar. Before the event, our MapleStory Discord bot will let your Discord server know

獲得経験値のランキングやレベル275に到達した殿堂入りキャラクターを紹介するよ!育ててしゃべって協力して冒険する!みんなの無料オンラインrpg「メイプルストーリー」の公式サイト On November 24, 2020 KST, MapleStory posted a teaser hinting at a Maplestory x BTS collaboration! The preview video shows BTS working on a project for a character. There were also 3 key dates that appear on the MapleStory x BTS webpage: November 25th, December 2nd, and December 9th. Check this pos Steam Community :: MapleStory 2 MapleStory 디스코드 봇 : 메이플스토리 플레이어 정보 검색 봇. Contribute to J-hoplin1/MapleStory-Character-Information-SearchBot development by creating an account on GitHub

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How to rank up in GC? There's a couple of mechanics. First off are Grand Company Seals. You will get Grand Company Seals from doing various activities, and you can turn them in to rank up. In addition to that, you also have the Grand Company Hunting Log. In Hunting Log, different ranks will have you complete one of the three portions. Lastly. The Familiar System in Maplestory is a system where when some monsters are defeated, they might drop a familiar card that can then be used to use summon that monsters as an ally. The Familiar System is now much more robust, complex, grindy and rewarding than it's previous iteration but this has opened up to many more opportunities for Nexon to introduce new bugs and to monetize this new.

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EggyMS v83 MapleStory Private Server (Scaling exp rate, 2x meso, 1x drop MapleStory 2 is a 3D isometric adventure MMORPG where players create their own character and select one out of several jobs to explore the new Maple World.Players will encounter various NPCs with various Quests, Monsters, and Bosses from the previous version as well as completely new ones to fight against. The game also features Dungeons and Raids for players to team up with each other to.

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Ability rank may drop unlike potential cubing. Default lines (not affected by % stat): Final All Stat +1; Final All Stat +3; Final All Stat +5 ; Default rank: Rare (can be increased to Epic, Epic to Unique, Unique to Legendary by resetting Abilities without locking rank but can also be decreased) Earning Honor Points . You can earn Honor points by the following methods: Picking up Medal of. If you want a character with high LUK and DEX, then you want a thief. They also produce very good range attacks, and can use knives and daggers whenever they want. Thieves are one of the most popular jobs in Maplestory, and are envied by most people. They are usually very expensive, but if you get past that part, then they aren't so bad

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Maplestory Leveling & Training Guide - Reboot Server Leveling 1-100. Special leveling (only for some classes): 1-30 Leveling: Tutorial Questlines (if your character is Shade, Cadena, Illium, Pathfinder, Hoyoung or also Ark) 10-15 Leveling: Golem's Temple Entrance (if you have a Hyper Teleportation Rock) 15-23 Leveling: Golem Temple 3 (if you have a Hyper Teleportation Rock) 23-30 Leveling. MapleStory Private Servers - MapleStory Top 100 list ranked by votes and reviews. Add your maplestory private server free to get more players Ranking » 1. LadyKillah Lv. 106: 2. Tiger Lv. 96: 3. Hero Lv. 90: 4. Bully Lv. 81: 5. Aion Lv. 80: Prev Next. About Us » WinterStory is a high-rate, nostalgic v83 custom balancing MapleStory private server. Come join us and lets re-live the days when community was everything! WinterStory provides an old school, nostalgic MapleStory experience.-Weekly and monthly Quest for player that are.

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I don't illegal ranking operation. I'll correct mistakes asap. 부정한 랭킹조작은 하지 않습니다. 미스가 발견된 경우 즉시 수정합니다. Do you want to send message? Please join a Discord (Recommended) or send to Twitter. 最新記事. DPMランキング GMS v.220 + KMS 1.2.347 (02/26) DPMランキング GMS v.220 + KMS 1.2.343 (12/17) DPMランキング GMS v.218 + KMS. Guild Banks in MapleStory. I've had this idea for years.. it's just brilliant. Each guild has a bank (Regular or Premium type), where players can deposit mesos / wirthdraw (Up to a certain amount per day, or whatever you'd like), and deposit / withdraw items from any kind. Regular-type Guild Bank is a guild bank for regular members of the guild.

MapleStory 2 brings the nostalgic world of MapleStory to your mobile device. Enjoy an MMORPG experience whenever and wherever you want, right in the palm of your hand. Play as the classic MapleStory Explorers that you know and love Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair This is such a well-made tool! It was a lot of fun going into maps I never really saw because I don't play modern MapleStory. By the way, the physics reminds me a lot of a game that Crrio used to host which is Henesys Chat. Is this pure coincidence or is some inspiration taken from that? P.S: The Display Tab name is not translated ; Here is how to hack the popular MMORPG MapleStory. Understand the risks. Any kind of hacking is against the rules of the game and will get you banned from play if you are caught. Server hacking (packet hacking) is against the law in some.. in Maplestory you are rewarded for having multiple characters so don't feel like the first class you make is going to be your main forever . Tip#3 : links and legion What are links in Maplestory ? link skills are job exclusive skills that are transferable to other characters and unlocks at level 70 120 210 for levels 1 2 and 3 respectively.. generally the best link skills for training are. Mobs in MapleStory can drop Common, Rare and Epic Familiar cards. Not all mobs have familiar cards. To obtain Rank Up Points, you need to use the Fusion mechanic in the Familiars UI. Fusion allows you to fuse the same familiars together to get rank up points

Dexless is run by the MapleStory community & ads help pay the server bill. Registered members don't see ads. Please consider registering or whitelisting us. Thanks! Legion Guide. Guide in 'General Guides' published by Jushi, Apr 14, 2018. General information about the legion system and the damage boosts that can be gained from leveling many characters. Guide; Changelog; Reviews; Discussions. Welcome to WinterStory, The beta server is already up and running, sign in today 'MapleStory' Developer Nexon Invests $847 Million USD in Hasbro, Bandai Namco, Konami and SEGA Sammy: The company brought in revenues of $2.7 billion USD in 2020 And thanks to our player-to-player market, you can get cheap MapleStory Mesos quickly, easily and safely! Make life easier with MapleStory Mesos. As fun as killing monsters in MapleStory is, the game is very grindy. Meso is hard to save up. That is why the best players buy MapleStory Mesos. When you buy Mesos, you save time. Time that you can use to enjoy the game more! But I already.

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All images and other content related to MapleStory are owned by the Nexon Corporation You may vote once every 6 hours. Use @claimvp in-game to claim your rewards MapleStory is one of the largest and most active free-to-play, side-scrolling MMORPGs with over 13 million registered players from its Global services alone out of total seven MapleStory services around the world. First released in North America in May 2005, the game continues to grow and evolve alongside its passionate community since launching over 16 years ago. There have been over 274. Enjoy classic maplestory with the new characters: Evan, Dual Blade, Resistencia and Demon Slayer. version 83. Pre the BigBang. MapleStory where Adventurers, Cygnus Aran and custom systems exist for extreme power. (Registration is in Spanish version) Write what you are looking for and press enter to begin your search! Home; Register; Download; Forum; vote; Discord v111.1; Discord v83; Facebook. Rankings; Donate; Welcome to MapleKey! We are a v83 rebirth server ~ Enjoy yourself! Control Panel. Not registered? Click here! The server is currently Players Online: 8. Server Time (EDT) Download to Play Game Download. Our client files may be detected as a virus/intrusion, but it's safe! Please add MapleKey.exe as an exception or turn off your anti-virus completely if it is detected. Last.

The system will also consolidate and rank information and levels of these same world characters to make things more organized. To celebrate Kaiser's arrival in MapleStory M, there will a number of limited-time events: Kaiser Burning Event: Until June 5, 2021, there will be a 1+2 Level-Up event for Kaiser characters. Kaiser Growth Support: For a limited time, items needed for Kaiser's. Dexless is run by the MapleStory community & ads help pay the server bill. Registered members don't see ads. Please consider registering or whitelisting us. Thanks! Rento's Leveling Guide [REBOOT] Guide in 'Training Guides' published by Rentorock, Mar 23, 2021. An easy guide to leveling in the GMS reboot server for both funded and unfunded players alike. Guide; Changelog; Reviews; Discussions. MapleStory is 16 years old and to celebrate its anniversary, the team has released an update called Hotel Maple. Several anniversary events are in store for this birthday celebration. Read on to. osu! » beatmaps » Various Artist - Maplestory 7K Piano Pack. beatmap info Toggle navigation. sign in / register Guest home news rankings performance spotlights score country multiplayer kudosu.

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MapleStory is one of the largest and most active free-to-play, side-scrolling MMORPGs with over 13 million registered players from its Global services alone out of total seven MapleStory services. Maplestory เป็นเกมประเภท MMORPG ของประเทศเกาหลีใต้ แบบ 2 มิติ ซึ่งเกมนี้พัฒนาโดยบริษัท Wizet โดยเปิดให้บริการในไทยครั้งแรก เมื่อวันที่ 29 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2546 โดย. KMS's new update MapleStory: Coordinator's Helping Hand - Star Force Tespia (Test Server)'s Skill Changes will essentially drop some pretty high tier classes down a few tiers. Theoretically speaking this chart does not include buffs since they have a set amount of time. It is based off item stats and become irrelevant when the Damage Cap is met

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Profile page for the free company MapleStory. English . 日本語; English; English; Français; Deutsch; View Your Character Profile. Log In. News. News Topics Notices Maintenance Updates Status Patch Notes and Special Sites Updated -Official Community Site The Lodestone Update Notes Updated -Server Status Getting Started. Benchmark; Free Trial; Product; Awards and Nominations; FINAL FANTASY. MapleStory M, the highly anticipated follow-up to MapleStory, is here and the hype is real!MapleStory M brings the nostalgic world of MapleStory to your mobile device. Enjoy a MMORPG experience whenever and wherever you want, right in the palm of your hand. Play a multiplayer mobile game as the classic MapleStory Explorers that you know and love: Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop. MapleStory M. 357,304 likes · 844 talking about this. MapleStory M is a side-scrolling MMORPG, based on the MapleStory franchise. Play MapleStory M on your mobile devices & get ready to smash some..

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Currently this game is only on PC, but MapleStory M is a mobile version of the original game. Is there a better alternative? No. There are alternatives, but it's hard to rank MMORPGs against each other because they all have their pros and cons. Lunaria Story, The World of Magic, and Flyff are all MMOs that are similar to Maplestory 2. Our take. Maplestory 2 is good for people looking for a. MapleStory's 15th Anniversary: Pixel Party is on! To celebrate its 15th anniversary, MapleStory is ramping up festivities with major celebratory even Rankings; Disc-Neuheiten; Rezensionen; Streams; Simulcasts; Award; Manga-News; Search Search. Komplette Anime-Episoden kostenlos und legal streamen. In Kooperation mit AniMoon Publishing, peppermint anime und Crunchyroll zeigen wir euch komplette erste Episoden aktueller Anime-Serien! Wahlweise mit deutscher Synchronisation (sofern vorhanden) oder mit deutschen Untertiteln (wird bald. Ranking; Support Us; Welcome to Mapletales, the Classic MapleStory server! Voting daily will reward you with Free NX cash which helps support our community. Control Panel. Username: Password: Status. Exp Rate : 3x Meso Rate : 3x Drop Rate : 2x Version : 83. Others. MapleTales Classic MapleStory Server . Play Classic MapleStory for FREE! Welcoming New & Old players. Get free access to NX cash.

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Browse and find the best MapleStory servers throughout the world. Vote for your favorite on our MapleStory server lis Nexon's iconic free-to-play global MMORPG MapleStory is celebrating its 16-year anniversary with the grand unveiling of Hotel Maple, which offers a special reward-earning ranking system. MapleStory has captured the hearts of millions of players since its release in 2003, and Nexon has reaped considerable benefits from the game's immense. MapleStory Celebrates Its 16th Anniversary With Hotel Update and Maple Memories MapleStory's Hotel Maple VIP Membership offers special benefits and rewards for completing anniversary mini-games. In Maplestory 2 players will be able to closely define their role by the class played. Unlike the original MapleStory, there are no subclasses which upgrade into more advanced classes. Class specialization and customization are instead determined by the Skills a player takes within that class.. For example, in the original MapleStory, a player would start as a Magician Battle mode: compete with players from around the world in Level Ranking, Mu Lung Dojo, and more! Multiplayer guilds: team up with friends to raid challenging epic bosses! Battle against MapleStory's iconic raid boss, Zakum! Join a raid party with up to 10 players and face Zakum for exclusive rewards! Social game: Battle with friends in Monster Carnival, a new 2v2 battle mode! When players.

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